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What is a barbecue?

The barbecue is an instrument that has a grill or a metal grid to deposit food, whether it is vegetables, seafood or meat. There are several types of barbecues such as those that run on charcoal, wood, gas or electric. It is important to keep the corresponding distance so that the food does not burn us.
As you have seen there is a great variety of types of barbecue to offer the best product that adapts to the needs of each one.

gas barbecue grilling meat and vegetables

Which barbecue should I buy?

The barbecue you must buy will depend on many factors and the needs of each one. You have to take into account the space you have, it is not the same to buy a barbecue for a large garden as a barbecue for a terrace. The ones that are sold the most are usually those that work with charcoal or firewood that leave the typical flavor in the food. As you well know there is a wide variety of brands such as Weber, Napoleon, Outback or Cadac.
Below we will give you a small selection with the five most outstanding barbecues on Amazon UK:

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Which type of barbecue is the best?

As we have previously said there are several types of barbecues, the best barbecue will depend on the needs of each one, for example there are charcoal bbqs or firewood, gas barbecues, electric bbqs and portable barbecues that are perfect if you like to enjoy a good barbecue wherever you go.

Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal barbecues: Charcoal barbecues as the word says, work thanks to charcoal, they usually emit a lot of smoke, so it is convenient to compare a model that has a lid or fireplace so that you do not get the odor. The food with this type of barbecue has an extreme flavor.

Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues: Charcoal barbecues along with gas are the most demanded by Amazon customers, the disadvantage of these two models is that you have to be aware of having coal or gas to be able to use it.

Portable Barbecues

Portable barbecues: If you are a lover of travel or camping and a good meal, you are in the right place. This models can work with gas, coal or simply be electric, the only difference is that this model can be transported wherever you want.

Electric Barbecues

Electric barbecues: These barbecues are perfect if you do not like the smoke given off by typical barbecues such as charcoal or firewood. The only thing you will need to put it into operation will be an electric current.

What is the best way to use a barbecue gas?

Once you have decided to buy a gas barbecue you must know that to put it into operation you will need a bottle of gas. Some models can use lava rocks that will help us when cleaning it since the dirt from the grease remains impregnated in this type of stones. This type of barbecue once you light it, you will have it prepared in approximately 15 minutes, not like charcoal or firewood that take longer to ignite until the coals are ready.

Here we leave you an informative video about gas barbecues.

Where to buy a bbq?

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Currently there are several options when it comes to purchasing a good quality barbecue. For example, there are well-known physical stores in the UK where you can buy them at a good price such as Tesco, Argos, Sainsburys, Houseoffraser, Debenhams, Morrisons, Johnlewis and Aldi.

It is true that these physical stores do not have the wide variety of products that the largest sales platform worldwide has, such as Amazon UK.
Amazon takes care of its client at all times, offering the best in quality and price and solving any problem or doubt that the client may have.

How to light a barbecue without lighter fluid?

It is always a better option if we do not have to use the liquid to light a barbecue since the chemicals are impregnated on the grill or in the food that we are going to cook. Luckily, there are other ways to light your barbecue fire with newspapers and a charcoal lighter if possible.

  • Step 1: Get a charcoal lighter and keep newspaper at home.
  • Step 2: You should fill the charcoal lighter with crumpled ball-shaped newspaper. Depending on the size of the lighter you will need 2 to 4 sheets of newspaper.
  • Step 3: Once you have garnished the newspaper, place it on the grill. Once the paper burns, the charcoal will ignite. You will need to place it on a resistant and heat resistant surface.
  • Step 4: After completing the previous steps, you have to turn over the charcoal lighter. Some models that sell can tip over on the grill but there are other models that have a button on the bottom that detaches everything and is more comfortable.
  • Step 5: Once you put it on the grill, you must move it a little but not constantly to avoid losing the heat.
  • Step 6: The vent should be more open for the fire to oxygenate and grow faster. Once you see that the fire grows and it is at a good temperature you can close the lid of the barbecue if you had it to smoke the food.

How to clean a barbecue grill?

It is important that after each use you clean the barbecue so that later you do not have to do a deep cleaning and take longer.

If the barbecue is very dirty: when the grill is cold you should apply butter on the grates and light the fire. Then, having the coals active, you have to apply oil with the butter. Special heat resistant gloves must be worn.
Finally, turn off the barbecue and clean with aluminum foil or using the bristle brushes for barbecues. Remove the ashes and dry the grill.

If the barbecue is not so dirty: If it is not very dirty you can put the grill in hot water and rub with neutral soap. Keep a bristle brush handy and rub gently.
Put the grill back in water that is now warmer to finish removing grease and dirt. Once all this is finished you must dry everything well.

barbecue man grilling on his charcoal barbecue steaks and sausages on the garden

What bbq accessories do I need?

Now that the time comes to make a good barbecue, it is necessary that you have in mind a series of accessories to be able to use it properly. The most important ones are a BBQ lighter which it is a perfect tool for charcoal barbecues if you do not want to use chemicals, an embers poker with this instrument will help us move the embers without having to burn ourselves. Tongs, spatula and forks with these accessories will be essential once the barbecue is in operation, barbecue brush to clean which it is essential that after each use the barbecue is cleaned, for this you need this special type of barbecue brush, a basket for barbecues this accessory is essential to place the cooked food. A kitchen thermometer to have a good barbecue and control the food so that it does not pass us, it is important to have this accessory, some gloves for barbecue specially if we are going to run a barbecue it is necessary to use this type of gloves to avoid burning ourselves. Barbecue skewers if you like to cook skewers of all kinds, you must have aluminum sticks at home. They are quite cheap and provide comfort.

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