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Barbecues are perfect for gathering friends and family. This company has South African roots and has been in the market for more than 65 years, always offering quality and good prices. We show you a great selection of Cadac barbecues on offer.

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    What is Cadac?

    CADAC is a South African company with more than 65 years experience in manufacturing and supplying high quality charcoal and gas barbecues. In fact, their most popular models nowadays are the CADAC chefs which most of them have portable and patio versions available.

    Where are Cadac barbecues manufactured?

    The Cadac BBQs are designed and manufactured in South Africa their barbecues are also called Braais on their tagline which says to 'live the braai life'. Furthermore, their barbecues are unconventional in their incredible versatility with modular systems ensuring you can easily change cooking surfaces.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    The Cadac brand is a South African brand. It is a leader in barbecues and outdoor leisure products, designed for both excursions, camping in the open air or for trips to the countryside and the patio. In detail, Cadac barbecues stand out for their comfort, portability and durability. Next we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages so that it offers us:

    dudes on a picnic having some beers while chatting and grilling burgers on the cadac bbq grill
    • Easy and safe to use
    • Cleans up quickly
    • Different models and designs
    • They do not take up much space and they are light
    • Barbecues in various colors and sizes
    • Barbecues for garden, terrace and camping
    • High quality manufacturing materials
    • You will cook all kinds of flavored recipes
    • Durability
    • Brand with a lot of experience, more than 70 years
    • Compact and versatile
    • Great value for the price
    • Offers several years of guarantee
    • The price is somewhat high, but it offers high quality if we compare it with the competition

    What can I cook on Cadac grill bbqs?

    cadac bbq

    In short, Cadac barbecues have a modular system and are so popular worldwide for offering high quality. Also, you can cook all kinds of meats, vegetables, fish, pizza, prepare a paella and grill.

    How to light Cadac barbecues grills?

    This barbecues are super easy to light, even if they are gas (they are usually a bit more complicated and messy), they have an automatic ignition button that allows you to adjust the temperature precisely and concisely.

    It is also convenient to look at the instructions accurately to have greater control. For this reason, here we leave an explanatory video for you to see it better.

    What type of gas this barbecues grill use?

    The operating pressure is 37mbar on propane or 28-30mbar on butane. It is also acceptable for use with regulated gas supplies from a bbq point on motor homes and caravans.

    How to clean them?

    Have you bought a Cadac bbq and do not know how to clean it after each use? Then, it is important that it be cleaned after each use to prevent dirt from getting impregnated and flavors mixing on the next barbecue. Here we will give you some guidelines on how you have to do it:

    • Step 1: To clean the barbecue it is essential to turn it on for 15 minutes to burn off the fat.
    • Step 2: Once you have finished doing the previous step. You should rub with a special barbecue brush to remove dirt.
    • Step 3: In this step, you should add neutral soap with lukewarm water and rub until you see that it is clean. Warning! You should not use chemicals that damage the barbecue enamel.
    • Step 4: In some models of this brand, parts can be removed, which makes the cleaning process easier. If it is more comfortable you can use the dishwasher.

    Opinions about Cadac barbecues

    Cadac barbecues are known worldwide for being the typical camping barbecues. In general, users who use this type of brand are quite happy with the barbecues of this South African brand. As a matter of fact, Cadac barbecues stand out for their portability, comfort and durability. These portable barbecues offer stability, easy assembly, easy cleaning, and also each barbecue model of this brand can be expanded with optional extra accessories.

    Buy the best Cadac barbecue of 2021 on sale

    This brand stands out above all for the Safari style gas barbecues. It also has quite competitive prices in the market, providing customers with practical gas barbecues at a good price. Then this type of barbecue is perfect to take with you on a trip or to go camping. The model we recommend is then the Cadac Safari Chef 2 the most outstanding for this brand with its design and utility. The Cadac Safari Chef 2 Pro is ideal for fishing, camping, hiking, picnics, caravanning and sports events and it includes 2 years limited warranty.

    Cadac Safari Chef 2
    • Low Pressure Version, Piezo ignitio, Non Stick Finish, Stay Cool Handles, Leg Lock System. Includes Storage Bag.
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