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Campingaz barbecues stand out for being long-lasting, resistant, fast, efficient and economically priced. If you are looking for a Campingaz barbecue you have come to the right place.

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    What is Campingaz?

    The Camping Gaz company was founded in 1949 in France. They make barbecues to take them to the camping or the beach and also so that you can enjoy them at home. It has a wide variety of models and sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Where are Campingaz barbecues manufactured?

    Campingaz barbecues are manufactured mainly in France.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Campingaz barbecues?

    Campingaz barbecues are the most demanded gas barbecues worldwide, and they have also been on the market for many years. Next we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages offered by this brand:

    husband grilling chicken and vegetables on his campingaz party grill barbecue for lunch and serving some chicken to his wife
    • Easy to use and safe
    • Variety of models
    • It has different models
    • They are portable barbecues
    • They light up quickly
    • They allow you to control the temperature easily
    • Years of experience in the market
    • Most barbecues adapt to any terrace or garden
    • They offer value for money
    • They only make gas barbecues

    How to light a Campingaz gas barbecue grill?

    Campingaz gas barbecues are easily and safely lit. Here is a video with the steps to follow to turn it on simply and safely.

    What type of gas do Campingaz barbecues use?

    Campingaz barbecues use butane or propane for their operation.

    man on camping using his campingaz refill gas bottle to turn on his barbecue to make dinner

    How easy is to clean a Campingaz bbq?

    To clean a Campingaz barbecue you need neutral soap, a soft cloth and a special barbecue brush. The residue must first be burned for 10 minutes to remove the stuck grease and then clean. When finished you must disconnect the gas supply for safety.

    Opinions about Campingaz barbecues

    Campingaz barbecues have high quality materials and have very characteristic models of the brand, they are simple to use and safe barbecues. Most of its models work with gas fuel and are portable racks so that you can take them everywhere. Customers if they are looking for a gas barbecue opt for this brand, customers are always very satisfied with the purchase and with the dishes so rich.

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    Why not go for the best, if you are looking to buy a Campingaz barbecue? We are going to make it very easy for you: this model the Campingaz Party Grill is a Camping Stove and Grill All-in-One and is the best portable barbecue for camping of 2021 according to Amazon customers and with free 24 hour delivery. Don't miss out on this deal for the best Campingaz barbecue!

    Campingaz Party Grill, Camping Stove and Grill, All-in-One Portable Camping BBQ, with Griddle, Grid and Pan Support
    • Multifunctional: This compact camping grill offers campers the choice between a pan support or grilling on a non-stick grill plate
    • High Performance: The fully adjustable 1350 W BBQ is powered by the Campingaz CV 470 Plus gas cartridge (run time up to 4:30 hours); push and turn Piezo ignition for convenient lighting in any weather
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