Charcoal Barbecues

Charcoal Barbecues

Are you one of those who enjoy making a charcoal barbecue? For many years, for those who like to cook outdoors charcoal barbecues have been the perfect companion. This type of barbecue gives us an extraordinary taste in the meat.

The best charcoal barbecues of 2022:

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Other charcoal barbecues you may be interested in

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What are the advantages of charcoal barbecues?

In good weather, you want to have a charcoal barbecue with friends and family. For this reason, we want to talk about the advantages that this type of barbecues offers us. We know that this type of barbecue has a little more difficulty when preparing the embers well. But, once you do it, you will not have problems preparing the barbecue at another time.

man grilling the steak dinner for his girlfriend on the coal bbq while having a drink on the garden

Main Advantages of Charcoal Barbecues

  • The taste it leaves in food: This point is the most characteristic of this barbecue. The food is cooked with a smoky flavor that our palate will enjoy. We also have to say that depending on the charcoal you choose, the food will have one flavor or another.
  • These barbecues take up little space: In this type of barbecues there are a multitude of totally different models. So, that we can buy the size and model that suits our needs. There are portable barbecues that you can transport in a simple way.
  • It reaches higher cooking temperatures than other barbecues: Charcoal grill barbecues reach a fairly high temperatures. About 500 degrees Celsius. Also the fuel that is needed is quite cheap. We know that making good embers is difficult at first. But, there are some ignition kits on the market that will help us to do this.
  • Variety of prices, models and brands: There are so many charcoal barbecues on the market. That we are sure that everyone will find the barbecue that fits their needs and budget. There are cheap charcoal barbecues and there are also more expensive ones with more extras. You will find models that are foldable and you can transport anywhere. Also models that can use firewood as fuel.
  • Simple and easy maintenance: The maintenance of this type of barbecues is quite simple. What if we advise is to clean it every time it is used. The ashes and fat remain impregnated on the barbecue. That can interfere with the taste of the food that we are going to cook another day. With a little neutral soap and a wire barbecue brush it would be enough to leave the charcoal barbecue spotless.

What to consider when buying a charcoal bbq?

This question is quite personal since it depends on the needs of each and the tastes. Before buying a charcoal bbq we must take into account certain factors. When choosing a good one that meets our needs and gives us good service.

For this reason we must take into account a series of characteristics:

  • The size: You must take into account the place where you want to put it to buy a charcoal barbecue that best suits your space. You will also have to be clear if you are going to transport it to other places or not. Since that will depend on whether you buy the portable coal or do it on site.
  • The price: There are a wide variety of brands, models and prices on the market that suit all budgets. You will have to be clear about your budget when buying your charcoal bbq.
  • Mobility or immobile: many of these models come mostly with wheels but others come with legs.
  • With lid or without lid: most charcoal barbecues usually have a lid, it is much more comfortable to avoid being disturbed by smoke while cooking. Once you are clear on what type of barbecue you want for your home. It is important that you look at the necessary accessories for your barbecue.
  • With fireplace: barbecues that usually have a fireplace are the built-in ones.
  • Elevator: Barbecues that are portable with charcoal usually come with an elevator that favors us when it comes to cooking at ease since the height is regulated.
  • Shape: There are several shapes available on the market for all tastes.
  • The size of the grill: There are several sizes, choosing a large or small will depend on the use that you are going to give it.
  • The Brand: There are many good brands to choose from Weber, Tepro, Tectake, Napoleon, Landmann, Jaime Oliver and many more.

Where should you locate your charcoal barbecue?

Are you thinking of organizing an event in your home and you don't know where to place your charcoal barbecue? As you well know, charcoal barbecues expel a lot of smoke. For this reason you should place it in a place where it is covered with wind. Also away from the trees to avoid possible fires. Another thing that you must take into account when placing the charcoal barbecue. It would be to move it away from the windows of the house and the doors. So, we will avoid that our house smells like barbecue for days.

dudes having a chat while the meat is grilling for the barbecue on the charcoal grill

How to light a charcoal grill bbq?

Once you have your best bbqs charcoal grill at home. You must know how you have to turn it on to start using it. Next we are going to tell you step by step how you have to do it:

  • Step 1: You must light the coal together with newspaper, pineapple or chips. If you want you can supplement it with pills. As a tip it is better to use a lighter to make it easier.
  • Step 2: It is necessary to try that the fire has enough oxygen. So, that it does not expel a lot of smoke and gradually add charcoal.
  • Step 3: How do we know that the coals are perfect for putting food? When you see that the coals have a gray-white color, they are ready to put the food and cook it.

When to cover a charcoal barbecue?

Once you have the coals at a good temperature and have a gray-white color it is time to put the food on the charcoal bbq. To make the food easier and faster you can cover the best bbq charcoal.

How easy is it to clean a charcoal barbecue?

Cleaning a charcoal barbecue is not complicated but you have to follow a few steps to get it clean.

  1. You need to disassemble the parts to clean them one by one.
  2. Then clean the grill with mild soap and a special wire brush for barbecues.
  3. Empty the charcoal that is in the tank and rub with water and mild soap with gentle movements.
  4. Dry the pieces with a cloth or simply let them dry in the sun.

Where I can buy original charcoal barbecues?

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Are charcoal barbecues better than gas?

Many people, when the good season of heat and good temperatures are approaching, ask themselves this question before buying a charcoal bbq.

Charcoal barbecues uk have always been a good choice, but saying that it is one better than another is somewhat complicated and that it depends on the tastes and needs of each one.

As we know charcoal bbqs fuels with coal, so you should have a bag at home to use the barbecue, instead the gas barbecue needs gas for its operation. After all, these two models need a certain material to function. It is true that the coal one expels a lot more smoke than the gas one but nowadays they come with a lid, mostly or with a chimney, so it is no longer a problem. Also, the one who must choose one or the other will be the grill who opts for one or another choice of their tastes.

We leave you a video bellow explaining the benefits of charcoal barbecues against other types of bbqs.

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