Electric Barbecues

Electric Barbecues

Are you interested in buying an outdoor barbecue and to use it indoors? Still don't know which one to choose? The electric barbecues grills are great if you like to cook a good barbecue inside and outside the house. Most of them are made of quite durable and resistant materials such as stainless steel. Next we are going to explain a little more about how they work.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric barbecues?

    Electric bbqs grill are very good options if you are thinking of buying a barbecue for home to use it outdoor on the terrace, balcony, garden or even indoor. In fact, we will name below it advantages and disadvantages:

    electric bbq
    • You can use it inside and outside the house
    • Easy to use
    • Heats up very fast
    • Food takes less time to make than in other barbecue models
    • It is not open fire
    • You save money since it does not require buying coal, firewood or gas
    • It takes up little space in case you like to store it
    • You have the option of wheels, cover or tabletop
    • They have enough power
    • They are quite cheap
    • Not best choice for a large dinner party
    • Don't reach the high temperatures needed to sear the meat
    • No authentic barbecue flavour

    What are the types of electric barbecues available on the market?

    All in all, in the world of electric barbecues there are a variety of models, over time advanced technology and with it electric bbq grill. Next we are going to name the different models:

    • Electric barbecues with legs: These barbecues are quite comfortable but they are not portable. Also, it is true that there are models that can remove the legs and use it on a table.
    • Tabletop electric barbecues: It does not have legs and you can only support it on some surface.
    • Electric barbecue with lid: For those who do not like smoke, these are perfect and also thanks to the lid. As a matter of fact, the food is made much faster using the lid.
    • Without cover: most of these models do not usually come with covers.
    • With grill: This model is quite light and portable. You can take them on a trip or use camping sites.

    How to choose the ideal electric barbecue?

    bbq girl grilling fish on her electric bbq grill on the barbecue party on the balcony
    1. That the electric barbecue has a wide area to be able to cook several foods at the same time
    2. We have to take into account the heat power
    3. That it has a removable tray to remove fat easily
    4. Take into account the type of grating: semi-perforated or full
    5. Take into account the diners to choose the size well
    6. The budget we have
    7. The brands we choose from Cadac, George Foreman and many more

    How to use an electric barbecue correctly?

    1. Place the electric barbecue in a safe area
    2. Plug in the barbecue and set the desired heat power
    3. Place the food on the grill and you are done

    Can electric barbecues be used indoors?

    Of course, you can use indoors and outdoors electric barbecues. For this reason, people who like to use a barbecue in all places, the electric bbq grill is the best option.

    daddy cooking chicken and corn on the electric grill indoors on the living room for the wife and the kids

    As a recommendation, we advise to put the extractor so as not to smoke the house if the barbecue does not have a lid.

    Are electric barbecues better than gas barbecues for camping or terraces and balconies?

    Both gas barbecues and electric barbecues are the best to use on terraces of houses or camping.

    How easy is it to clean an electric barbecue?

    To keep a barbecue of any kind in good condition, it is necessary that it be clean every time it is use. If you do not use it much. Besides, it is advisable to give it a deep cleaning every two months like shown on the video bellow.

    Electric barbecues are quite easy to clean. Also, the models come with a tray that is place under the grill that helps us to make it cleaner. After all, every time we cook delicious dishes, the fat stays on the tray.

    After all, when you finish, it is recommended to remove the water from the tray and give it a soap with neutral soap. Once washed, the barbecue must be dried well so that it does not spoil.

    Where should you place your electric barbecue?

    happy family having a barbecue dinner of meat and salad on the garden and there still sausages on the barbeque

    Electric barbecues are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. By all means, inside the house we recommend placing it near a smoke extractor so as not to smoke the entire space and outside near an electric current. Then, outside we must try not to be near the windows or doors, or if it has to be like that, try have everything closed.

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