Gas Barbecues

Gas Barbecues

Are you one of those who likes food prepared on a gas barbecue? Do you like to make friends and family gatherings in good weather? Gas BBQs were born in order to enjoy a barbecue at the campsite, from there they have evolved to the models we have today. The results of cooking certain dishes on this gas barbecue are spectacular and they are faster, more efficient and more economically priced.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of gas barbecues?

    This type of barbecue has many advantages for you to choose a barbecue of this style. Below we explain the advantages and disadvantages so you know why you should choose gas bbqs:

    Gas BBQ
    • It takes less time to prepare than charcoal or firewood
    • It does not emit smoke and they are quite durable and resistant
    • You can use them on terraces and gardens
    • You can regulate the temperature to taste
    • It has one button to say which part we want to light the barbecue
    • The release of heat is uniform
    • Some come with wheels for easy mobility
    • They are very safe barbecues unlike charcoal or firewood
    • It is easy to clean, some are broken down into pieces and you can put them in the dishwasher
    • They weigh a lot, are larger and make it difficult to transport them
    • In general they tend to be more expensive barbecues

    How to choose the ideal gas barbecue?

    man grilling vegetables and meat on his gas grill bbq for his barbecue party on the garden

    To choose the best gas barbecue we have to take into account a series of factors:

    • The burners
    • Temperature range
    • Quality of materials
    • Size
    • Choice of fuel: natural gas or propane

    How do you light a gas barbecue?

    You have to go to where the gas bottles are and open the valve. You must turn them to the highest fire position and wait a couple of seconds. Once the above is done, press the ignition button, you must light the burner.

    Why the flames of the gas grill bbqs are so low?

    With the gas barbecues we must be especially careful and be vigilant if we see something that seems strange to us. Why did he say this? Because the gas bbq can fail and we can create an explosion and get hurt. The flame must always be blue since that means that it is working correctly, if it is orange or yellow, extinguish it because that indicates that you need carbon monoxide.

    Which is better a natural gas or propane gas barbecue?

    The only major difference is the convenience of natural gas and never running out of fuel. Unless you're grilling in the arctic there is NO performance difference between natural and propane gas. Your choice ultimately boils down to which fuel sources you have access to and the costs in your area.

    What is a gas barbecue with lava stones?

    Lava stones serve as a transmitter to keep you warm for quite some time. In short, it fulfills the same function that charcoal has in charcoal barbecues.

    bbq woman grilling vegetables on her dinner party on the garden with a gas barbecue and having a laugh with her friends

    Does gas grill barbecues work they get wet?

    Gas grill barbecues before use is preferable if it is completely dry. As you know, it is advisable to clean the barbecue after each use. What you have to take into account is that each element or part of the gas barbecue must be dry so that there are no problems the next time you use it.

    How should a gas barbecue be cleaned?

    Gas barbecues are fairly easy to clean and maintain. You will need a soft cloth, neutral soap and a special brush to scrub barbecues. Before starting to clean, we have to heat the barbecue to remove food that may be attached to the grill. Once this is done, you turn it off and disconnect the gas supply so there are no accidents.

    How to use a gas barbecue correctly?

    First we must press the ignition button of the gas barbecue, once this is done the flame must come out through the burners. In 5 minutes the barbecue will be ready to start cooking our favorite recipes evenly.

    How do you cook on a gas barbecue?

    1. Turn on all the burners and set them to maximum
    2. Let grill heat thoroughly for 10 minutes
    3. Place the food on the gas barbecue grill and close the lid if necessary
    gas barbecues are great for grilling pizza vegetables prawns and fish
    gas barbecues are great for grilling pizza, vegetables, prawns and fish

    Where to place your gas barbecue?

    The gas barbecue should preferably be placed in a space away from the house and vegetation to avoid possible unnecessary accidents. As it is a barbecue, it expels quite a lot of smoke, so it is advisable to place it away from windows and doors of the house.

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