George Foreman Barbecues

George Foreman grills are electric barbecues so that you can cook delicious grilled food with all the flavor of traditional outdoor grilling.

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    The best George Foreman BBQs of 2022:

    We present you the top reviews accordingly of the best BBQs of this brand rated by users in 2022.

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    What is and Who is George Foreman?

    In the first place, the George Foreman brand is a distributor and marketer of a wide range of kitchen and home products. This brand is owned by Russell Hobbs, it also has other recognized brands such as Juiceman, Black & Decker, Toastmaster, Farberware, Breadman and others.

    George Foreman is a former boxing champion, more than 100 million grills from this brand have been sold worldwide since their introduction in 1994.

    Where are they manufactured?

    As a matter of fact, these barbecues are made primarily in the United States.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages?

    Overall, these barbecues offer quite a few advantages and few disadvantages as you can se bellow.

    george foreman bbq
    • They are practical and simple barbecues
    • They have a nice design
    • Quite cheap price
    • You cook different recipes
    • They are barbecues with a high quality structure
    • Easy to use and to maintain
    • They offer quality at a good price
    • They have few models of barbecues and they manufacture more electric grills

    What can I cook on this barbecue grill?

    In particular with this brand barbecues you can cook all kinds of tasty and healthy dishes. The most typical thing is to cook meat, but it is also good to cook vegetables and fish.

    grilling shrimp skewers and vegetables on the george foreman grill on the garden table

    How to use these barbecues?

    This barbecues are the easiest to use, then we leave you how one of its most outstanding models in sales works.

    How to light a barbecue grill from this brand?

    In short, this barbecues are the easiest on the market to operate. Below we have left you one of their top models so that you can see well how easily they light up.

    How to clean them?

    Not to mention that cleaning a barbecue from this brand is the easiest thing in the world. Then we leave you an explanatory video of how to do it.

    Opinions about George Foreman barbecues

    This brand bbqs give very good results although, the only drawback is that it does not have many models of barbecues, it manufactures more electric grills. Besides, the barbecues that he has on the market are of high quality and give excellent results.

    What George Foreman barbecue should I buy?

    The barbecue that is sold the most on Amazon is the George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill 22460, it offers very good functionalities and has a very good price if we compare it with the competition.

    George Foreman Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill 22460
    • Cooks up to 15 portions of food, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    • Non-stick easy clean removable plates
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