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Are you looking for a bbq buying guide? You always want to have a delicious barbecue surrounded by friends and family. But, it is true that when the good weather comes you want much more. Many of us ask ourselves certain questions: What barbecue do I buy? Which is the most suitable for me? We understand that the choice is quite complicated since there are many models and brands of all kinds on the market.

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    Barbecues depending on the type of fuel

    As we well know, there are barbecues that work with different types of fuel. Each model is different and works in a different way. That is why it is important to select the one that best suits our needs. Some are suitable for indoor use and others for outdoor use, some are large and others are small. Some are portable and others are not. Next we are going to talk about the different types of barbecues that are on the market depending on the fuel with which it works.

    • Charcoal barbecues are currently the most demanded by barbecue lovers. The only drawback that these types of barbecues have is that it takes a long time to prepare and then it costs a lot to clean them since they make a lot of ash. Currently there are tools that help us to light the barbecue more quickly. They are the most successful, since they leave food with a grilled aroma and flavor that other barbecue models do not. Also, unlike other models, you can find these barbecues portable in case you want to take it on a trip or simply take it to a friend or relative's house.
    • Gas barbecues are perfect as they are easy to light, use and prepare. This type of model usually has a thermometer on the lid that allows you to control the temperature so that the food is ready. They are perfect to use on the terrace or in the home garden, they are also usually quite spacious so you can cook for several people. As a disadvantage, we have to say that they are quite large and heavy barbecues and that their installation is quite expensive.
    • Wood-fired barbecues are very similar to the characteristics of charcoal barbecues. They are barbecues that allow us to savor tasty foods with a characteristic charcoal aroma of a good barbecue. When it comes to cooking in this type of barbecues, we have to be careful since the fire is usually quite strong and we can burn the food without realizing it. If you are looking for a barbecue for professionals, this model is yours.
    • Electric barbecues are a comfortable and easy option, also they do not emit much smoke, they are usually portable and take up little space. This model can be used inside a space. Among its advantages, these barbecues allow us to regulate the temperature with a wheel, it is true that it does not leave the flavor in food such as wood or charcoal barbecues, but it is a very good option if you are looking for a cheap barbecue.
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    Portable or fixed barbecue on your bbq buying guide?

    We already know the models according to the type of fuel. Now it's time to decide if we want a portable barbecue or a fixed barbecue. If you have a large space and you are looking for a barbecue for your home. You can opt for a built-in barbecue if you are a lover of barbecues and you do them continuously. This type of barbecues can be mixed, wood or charcoal.

    Another option is to choose a gas stove, they are spacious and you can cook for several people. If what you are looking on your bbq buying guide for in a travel barbecue to go to the beach or camping. It is recommended that you choose an electric or gas barbecue that is available on the portable market. There are a few models on the market for charcoal and firewood that can be portable.

    What factors should you take into account on a bbq buying guide?

    Next we are going to talk about the factors that you must have in mind so that your choice is the correct one.

    1. The space you have

    If you have a large space and a good garden, we recommend building barbecues, gas or charcoal barbecues. If, on the other hand, you have a reduced space, it is advisable to use electric barbecues.

    2. Where are we going to place it?

    It is important to be very clear about the location of our barbecue, we must keep it away from nearby trees, it must be away from the house so that smoke does not enter and well protected to avoid methodological changes affecting our barbecue.

    3. What budget do I have for my bbq buying guide?

    If you have a small budget, you should look to buy barbecues that are charcoal or electric. They are the cheapest barbecues on the market. If, on the other hand, you have a large budget, you can choose gas or construction barbecues.

    4. Do you like food with a charcoal flavor?

    If you like food to have a charcoal flavor and aroma, your choice should be wood or charcoal barbecues. This type of barbecue leaves the food juicy on the inside and well-braised on the outside. On the other hand, gas or electric barbecues leave us grilled food.

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