How to Light a BBQ Charcoal for Beginners - Step by Step Guide

lighting a bbq

Good temperatures arrive and we want to have a good barbecue with friends or family outdoors. Are you one of those who just bought a barbecue and still don't know how to light a bbq?

We know that lighting a barbecue is not an easy task, so it is important to have prior knowledge of how to do it. Next we are going to explain how to light a charcoal barbecue in a simple way.

Place the barbecue well

The first important step is to properly locate our barbecue. We know that there is a risk that an ember will come out, this could cause serious damage or a large fire. For this reason we must separate the charcoal barbecue away from trees, branches and any natural element that may cause it.

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    What are we going to need to how to light a bbq?

    Before learning how to light a bbq we will need to have a series of elements prepared.

    1. Charcoal

    It is important to have a good charcoal, so we recommend buying charcoal. How much quantity are we going to need? This question will depend on what dishes you are going to cook, it is not the same to cook different types of vegetables than fish or meat.

    If, for example, you are thinking of making a meat barbecue for four people, we would need 3 to 5 kilos of charcoal. If you want to cook fish it would be the same amount of charcoal that is needed for meat.

    2. Newsprint

    It is not a very necessary element when making a charcoal barbecue but it will always help us to have better embers. You have to remember that the newsprint is the worse the magazine paper does not work.

    3. Alcohol or vegetable oil

    When we make a barbecue, alcohol or vegetable oil is usually used so that more flames are produced and thus accelerate the process. Using vegetable oil is healthier and less dangerous than using alcohol.

    What are the best tricks to how to light a bbq charcoal?

    In the market you can buy fuels online or in store for your barbecue such as kerosene to light your charcoal barbecue but it must be said that they are not very healthy. For this reason we are going to show you a series of effective tricks to how to light a bbq:

    1. The trick of the fireplace

    You can buy it or if you feel like it you can make it yourself at home with a can of powdered milk. In the base of the can you will have to make some holes for the air to pass through. To light it you will have to put newspaper on the base and charcoal on the top. Once this is done you must turn on the newspaper and leave it for about 15 minutes. After this you can dump it on the barbecue.

    2. Electrical conduction

    Sometimes we despair making a charcoal barbecue because it takes a long time, but there are other tools that speed up the process such as electric conduction. Make a mountain of coal and after connect the cable to an electrical conduction device. Then the embers will be ready in 10 minutes.

    3. Vegetable oil and absorbent paper

    You must make a mountain of charcoal and then you must cut the absorbent paper and introduce it inside the mountain. Once this is done you must pour a little vegetable oil on the ends of the absorbent paper and in less than 20 minutes you will have the embers done.

    4. Newsprint and charcoal

    Make a ball of newspaper and then cover it with more newspaper. After doing this you must add charcoal except in the middle area which is where it has to be free to make the wick well.

    5. You can use a classic lighter

    Don't you want to complicate your life when lighting the barbecue? You can use a lighter to help you have your barbecue ready in a few minutes. Pills can also be use but they are less healthy since they contain oil.

    Can food be flavored depending how to light a bbq with charcoal?

    The charcoal already leaves flavor in the food that we are going to cook but if you want to flavor them more you can use other types of elements that leave an exceptional flavor.

    • You can add thyme, rosemary and sage over the coals
    • Use oak logs, cob. zuro, etc.
    • Place it once the embers are ready
    • The peels like pineapple leave a very good flavor

    Tips for how to light a bbq barbecue

    Are you ready to get the most out of your charcoal barbecue? Next we will give you some tips that will help you.

    • You must place the barbecue away from trees, branches, etc and in a place where there is not much wind
    • Use good quality coals
    • Place the food when the embers are ready and the grill is hot
    • The salt is the last thing to be add in food
    • In order for the barbecue to be made before it is important that if the barbecue has a lid you use it

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