How to light a wood-burning barbecue

wood burning on lighted fire

Lighting a wood-burning barbecue like a charcoal barbecue is something that seems complicated but is actually quite simple. Below we will give you some guidelines and tips on how you should light a wood-burning barbecue so that your friends or family are totally surprised.

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    What does it take to light a wood-burning barbecue?

    What you will need to light your wood barbecue will be:

    1. Firewood

    The firewood that you are going to use must be completely dry. In the market there are several types of firewood to make embers that will leave different flavors in the food.


    2. Branches

    To get a good fire it is necessary that you use branches but it is important that you remove the leaves and that they are as dry as the firewood you are going to use.

    3. Newsprint

    Using newspaper on a wood-burning barbecue will help us to make the barbecue turn on faster. With four pieces they will be enough to make some good embers.

    4. Lighter

    Using a barbecue lighter will facilitate our work to get the wood-burning barbecue ready as soon as possible.

    How can you light your wood-burning barbecue?

    Lighting a wood-burning barbecue is much easier than we think. Are you ready to learn how to light a wood-burning barbecue?

    1. Mountain of firewood

    You must put the firewood in a pyramidal shape and in the center you must put the smallest pieces of firewood so that it turns on before. If you want you can put newspaper or branches.

    You have to leave space for the air to circulate well since to make a fire you need oxygen so that it is not paid.

    Other elements that you can use for the wood-fired barbecue are: the lemon or orange peel and also the pineapple peel.

    2. Light the fire

    You can use lighters that sell barbecue specials or just matches.

    3. Remove the firewood

    Once the wood-burning barbecue is lit, you must remove the wood so that the fire spreads through all the logs. If you think there is little firewood, you can add more when the fire is strong.

    4. Let's cook!

    cooking on the firewood grill meat and vegetables

    When you see that the embers are light gray, you can lower the grill to place the food. You will need to distribute the embers with a metal bar.

    Is firewood better than charcoal to light a barbecue?

    The two options are good, the only difference will be the preparation time and the flavors that they will leave in the food.

    There are barbecues that you can use both charcoal and wood or the other way around, but there are other barbecue models that are exclusively single-fuel.

    Other tips for lighting a wood-burning barbecue

    To finish we are going to leave you some very useful tips so that you can make a good wood-burning barbecue and enjoy this experience:

    • Always prepare the barbecue on a smooth floor so that the barbecue is stable and the embers do not fall to the ground.
    • Keep the barbecue away from trees and branches so that we do not have scares.
    • Close all the sales and the doors of the house so that the smoke does not enter and remain impregnated.
    • You have to avoid places with strong winds.
    • Don't win a lot of wood all at once, try to do it gradually so as not to drown the fire.
    • Go testing the different types of firewood that are in the market and you can also use food shells to get a more powerful flavor in the food.

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