How to make a barbecue on your balcony or terrace

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Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a house that has a large garden and does not have neighbors around it. For this reason, are we going to avoid having a delicious barbecue with family or friends? Of course not! Here we will inform you of everything you have to do to make a bbq balcony or terrace without problems.

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    Let's avoid problems

    First we have to ask ourselves, can we have a legal barbecue without disturbing the neighbors? Generally, to be able to barbecue without breaking the rules, you must have a space of at least 15 meters. If you do this, you can make a delicious barbecue. Living in an apartment with a terrace or balcony, it is possible that you disturb the neighbor below and above with smoke and you could start a fire. For this reason, it is important that you take a look at the law that governs your country to ensure that it is not prohibited.

    If you do not see any problem when preparing your barbecue on your terrace or balcony, it is important that you ask your neighbors for permission to avoid problems of any kind and thus enjoy your barbecue without dangers and problems.

    Get the necessary permits from the law

    We are clear that the terrace or balcony is your property. But do you see it necessary to request the corresponding permits to have a barbecue with friends and family on your balcony or terrace? You must comply with all the requirements of the law in addition to asking the community of your building for permission to avoid later problems. If you don't do these, you will be breaking the law and risking a fine.

    Once you have done the above, you can start organizing events with your closest people and have barbecues. We know that for these types of space, electric or gas barbecues are recommended as they expel less smoke.

    balcony bbq

    Can you cook a bbq balcony without disturbing the neighbors of the block?

    We know that having a barbecue on an apartment with a terrace or balcony is somewhat more limited. It is always better if you can do it in an open space away from the neighbors. Even if you follow the rules, it is possible that you annoy the neighbors around you.

    The choice of bbq balcony in these spaces is crucial, the best options are gas bbqs or electric barbecues, leaving aside the charcoal or wood barbecues since they expel a lot of smoke. If for example you live on the top floor. Maybe you can buy a wood or charcoal barbecue since you don't disturb the neighbors.

    But from our humble opinion, we will always recommend buying an electric or gas barbecue that comes with a lid. Having a barbecue has a lid benefits us a lot since we do not bother the neighbors with smoke. Let's always avoid a grill, they are less safe and thus avoid possible fires.

    The terraces and balconies must be with an open space, we must always avoid closed spaces. Preparing a barbecue indoors can be detrimental to our health. You have to be patient and do everything well. If you don't want to complicate it. It is recommended that you buy barbecues that are for balconies or terraces. These models are very practical, some brands make them with hooks to place them on the railing. They are usually small in size and are quite inexpensive.

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