Top 5 Landmann BBQs Grills: Gas and charcoal barbecues for every budget

friends laughing happily on their bbq party on the garden while grilling steak and vegetables on their charcoal barbecue Landmann Kepler

The Landmann brand of barbecues is one of the most popular and well-known brands in this market. It has charcoal barbecues as well as gas barbecues and some highly demanded models of tabletop Landmann BBQs.

Innovative designs and also use premium quality materials that will make you have a Landmann bbqs for a long time at home.

This brand also has accessories for barbecues of all kinds that will help you make your barbecue perfect and your guests enjoy it a lot.

If you are looking for the best barbecues of the Landmann bbqs brand then in this article we are going to help you and inform you about the best barbecues on the market so that you can enjoy a good high quality barbecue in good company. What are you waiting for to have yours at home?

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    Buying guide and opinions of 2022

    Overall, we have selected the best Landmann brand barbecues on the market based on the model and price.

    1. Landmann Grill Chef - Best seller

    Landmann Grill Chef 12736 3 Burner Gas Barbecue with Side Burner

    Are you looking for a good Landmann bbq gas barbecue? Then this barbecue by Landmann Grill Chef will provide you with everything you need to make your barbecues spectacular.

    You can use this Landmann bbq gas in the garden or on the terrace at home, it also has two wheels that will make it easier for you to move it from one side to the other without problem.

    This barbecue has a beautiful careful design, is made of top quality materials and is also a very safe barbecue.

    Technical data:

    • Has three stainless steel burners altogether
    • Enameled grid
    • Two identically side tables
    • A correspondingly closet at the bottom
    • Propane gas cylinders
    • Removable galvanized grease tray
    • Two identically sturdy wheels
    • In addition a thermometer in the lid and side gas burner
    • It has a weight of 25 kilograms

    Our conclusion:

    If you are looking for a good quality gas barbecue, this model is the best you will find right now on the market.

    • High quality materials
    • Two tables and a cupboard to place what is necessary for cooking
    • Thermometer to regulate the temperature
    • It can only be used outdoors
    • It's not a light barbecue
    Landmann Grill Chef 12736 3 Burner Gas Barbecue with Side Burner
    • 3 Stainless Stainless Steel Burners with Aluminised Flame Tamer
    • Hose and Regulator Supplied

    2. Landmann Kepler 600 Kettle - Top

    Landmann Kepler 600 kettle Barbecue Diameter 56 cm Black

    The Kettle Landmann charcoal barbecue in fact is one of the most demanded and sought-after models by all those who love to make a good barbecue in good company.

    Besides, you can move the Landmann bbq charcoal from one side to the other thanks to its two robust wheels and you can place it in the garden or on the terrace.

    Technical data:

    • Temperature indicator on the lid
    • Air outlet to correspondingly regulate the air intake
    • Enameled cooking grate
    • Correspondingly charcoal basket
    • Identically ergonomic handles
    • Two equally robust wheels
    • Weight of the product 19 Kilograms
    • Dimensions of the product 70x64x101cm

    Our conclusion:

    High quality, safe and quite light charcoal barbecue, perfect for family and friends events.

    • Modern design
    • Temperature control
    • Air vent
    • It takes a while to make the embers

    3. Landmann Triton PTS 2.0 - High quality

    LANDMANN Triton PTS 2.0 Gas Barbecue

    The Landmann Triton barbecue is quite powerful so the food will cook quite quickly and well. You can also control the temperature with the thermometer on the lid and move without problem thanks to its four soft and light wheels.

    This Landmann bbq gas stands out for having the PTS system, for having temperature control, for having good power and for moving it easily. Also, the food in this Landmann bbq gas will be perfect for your guests to savor and enjoy.

    Technical data:

    • Two equally stainless steel burners
    • The burners have a power of 3.5 KW each
    • In addition the lid maintains the temperature
    • The grill is made of together with enameled cast iron
    • Landmann PTS system
    • It has equally four wheels
    • Weight of the product about 42 Kilograms
    • Dimensions of the product 123 x 57 x 121.5 cm

    Our conclusion:

    Landmann gas barbecue made of high quality materials, you can also move it easily thanks to its four wheels.

    • Burners with good power
    • PTS system
    • Easy to move
    • It's pretty heavy
    LANDMANN Triton PTS 2.0 Gas Barbecue | Premium Gas Grill with Double-Walled Lid & Lid Thermometer |...
    • 2 stainless steel burners – the stainless steel burners are fully adjustable and have a power of 3.5 kW each
    • Temperature – thanks to the double-walled lid of the Triton grill, the temperature can be maintained optimally. In addition, there is a temperature indicator in the lid for better control.

    4. Landmann 11501 Big Charcoal barbecue - Recommended

    LANDMANN 11501 Big Charcoal barbecue

    This Landmann bbq charcoal barbecue is made of ceramic which will make the food more tasty and have a uniform temperature.

    Also, this Landmann charcoal barbecue stands out for being robust and very durable, for being able to control the temperature of the food and for being a barbecue for many diners.

    If you are thinking of organizing an event for many people this charcoal is your barbecue.

    Technical data:

    • Gas barbecue uniquely made of ceramic
    • Stainless steel cooking grate with a diameter of 49.5 cm
    • Correspondingly temperature indicator
    • Two identically folding side tables
    • Two equally resistant wheels
    • For 16 people
    • Weight of 132 Kilograms
    • Measures of 125x131x72cm

    Our conclusion:

    This barbecue with design is made of ceramic which makes the barbecue weigh more.

    • Exclusive design
    • You control the temperature
    • It has two side tables and a tray at the bottom
    • It takes time to make the embers
    • The ceramic barbecue weighs more than other models
    LANDMANN 11501 Big Charcoal barbecue
    • Ceramic barbecue.
    • Extra thick walls.

    5. Landmann Barbecues Miton 4.1 - price AND quality

    Landmann Barbecues 12660 Miton 4.1 Burner Gas Barbecue Grey

    Are you one of those who do many events at home? Do you like to make tasty barbecues? This Landmann Miton 4.1 barbecue is perfect for many diners as this Landmann bbq gas has a fairly wide grill.

    It stands out for being wide and having several sections and cabinets to place what is necessary to cook comfortably, for having enough power and for moving it easily thanks to its wheels.

    Technical data:

    • Electronic start
    • Four identically stainless steel burners
    • Together with a side burner
    • Landmann PTS system
    • Double wall steel hood
    • Two equally side tables
    • A correspondingly closet to store things
    • Cooking surface of 70.5 x 45.5 cm
    • Weight of 58.5 kilograms
    • It has dimensions of 145 x 116 x 62 cm

    Our conclusion:

    If you are a lover of barbecues and do many events with many people, this BBQ is going to enchant you for all it has.

    • It has power and design
    • PTS system
    • Tables and cabinets to cook comfortably
    • Barbecue top
    • Clean and maintain smoothly
    • It is a gas barbecue with a lot of weight
    Landmann Barbecues 12660 Miton 4.1 Burner Gas Barbecue - Grey
    • Brushed stainless steel double walled hood and cabinet doors
    • 4 infinitely adjustable stainless steel burners and 1 x side burner

    What is Landmann?

    Landmann is a German barbecue brand that has been leaders in this sector for years. To point out it was founded on September 20, 1966 by Bernd Hockemeyer and Hermann Landmann who brought barbecue to Germany.

    They offer innovative models with the latest technology, with very good quality and good performance.

    man grilling meat and vegetalbles on his gas bbq at the backyard

    This company was located in Osterholz-Scharmbeck during the first years, then they moved internationally.

    Where are Landmann BBQs manufactured?

    Landmann brand barbecue grills are manufactured mainly in Germany, although there are other countries.

    How to clean Landmann BBQs?

    Landmann bbqs are quite simple and easy to clean, you need mild soap, a bristle brush, a soft cloth and a barbeque scraping tool.

    The Landmann brand has very good quality cleaning products. Then we leave you a YouTube video tutorial so that you can see better how it is done step by step.

    Why Landmann charcoal bbqs with smoker are so popular?

    As a matter of fact the Landmann brand has been in the market for many years. Also, is one of the most popular and popular brands in the barbecue market.

    Besides, they manufacture with the best raw material on the market, they are innovative with all their products and have very competitive prices if we compare it with the quality they have.

    Why Landmann bbqs gas with lava rocks are so popular?

    Landmann bbq gas with lava rock gas barbecues are so popular because they perform so well when cooking. Since, lava rocks heat up quickly and evenly and make the grill heat evenly.

    couple having a barbecue party on the garden with their friends mand is on the grilling grilling meat and vegetables and the woman is bringing more veggies to put on the bbq

    Where to buy Landmann BBQs charcoal and gas?

    Since, you can buy Landmann brand barbecues in any garden store or in a large shopping area like Tesco without forgetting the stores specialized in Landmann bbq charcoal.

    Another option is to buy a Landmann bbq in an online store such as Amazon. Also, Amazon has several models of Landmann gas and charcoal barbecues with very competitive prices.

    Are Landmann BBQs better than Weber barbecues?

    There is no one better than the other, both brands are exceptional in quality, in technology and in innovation. If you are thinking of buying a barbecue and you are hesitating, both options are very good.

    Weber excels in barbecues especially charcoal and the Landmann brand excels in gas barbecues but, is also growing on charcoal.

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