Portable Barbecues

Portable Barbecues

Are you looking for portable barbecues to take anywhere? These barbecues are super useful if you love outdoor cooking and gatherings with family or friends. Next, we are going to explain a little more about this type of barbecue.

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    What is a portable barbecue?

    Portable barbecues are barbecues that allow you to take them anywhere. They are simple and weigh little, if you are a person who loves camping and caravanning or going to the beach this is your perfect choice.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable barbecues?

    If you finally decide to buy a portable barbecue you will have many advantages and disadvantages that we will list below. As we well know, there are several types of portable bbq grills, which depending on taste you can choose one model or another. As a matter of fact, portable barbecue models can be charcoal or wood, gas or electric.

    portable bbq
    • You can take it wherever you want
    • Easy to use
    • Some have wheels and will help you move it more easily or after they fold easily enough
    • You can choose the model that you like the most, whether it's coal or firewood, gas or electric
    • You can cook outdoors and in a healthy way
    • They can be easily assembled and disassembled
    • You can cook in different places and spaces since they are portable
    • These barbecues have quite demanding security measures
    • There are fairly inexpensive models
    • Cooking space is small
    • Doesn’t get as hot as a larger grill

    How to choose the ideal one?

    • We must take into account what type of fuel we need: coal, gas or electricity
    • The size we need, this depends on the use that we are going to give it and what we need it for
    • The power that we are going to need
    • Make it light and compact
    • Beautiful and eye-catching design
    • Budget

    How to use portable BBQs?

    Currently there are a variety of models and brands that offer us portable bbqs so you can take them anywhere.
    Portable barbecues can be gas, electric, charcoal and wood. In the first place with choice is the budget, since some are more expensive than others.

    young couple camping near the lake preparing sausages and vegetables on the portable grill for lunch

    Depending on the portable barbecue you choose, it will work one way or another. However, a portable charcoal barbecue will not work like a portable gas barbecue.

    • Charcoal Barbecues: Charcoal barbecues run on charcoal and leave a wonderful taste in the food. These portable bbq take longer to light since you have to wait for the coals to be gray-white to put the food to cook.
    • Firewood barbecues: These camping bbqs along with charcoal barbecues are one of the most popular options for customers. Like charcoal, they take a little longer to prepare but it is true that they leave a very rich flavor in the food.
    • Gas barbecues: Gas barbecues are a good option for those who do not like smoke. Besides, these portable bbqs take much less than those of wood or charcoal and in just 15 minutes giving a button you have them ready.
    • Electric barbecues: It is an option if we want a simple barbecue, the only thing we will need will be an electrical connection. In addition, these camping barbecues heat up super fast.

    How to clean portable barbecues?

    If you use a portable bbq it is often advisable to clean it after each use as a minimum so that the impregnated grease does not remain and then you have more work to clean it.

    Before proceeding to clean a portable bbq it is important to make sure that it is turned off. Then pour hot water on the barbecue and rub with a special brush that they sell for barbecues.

    The latter does it again. Once all this process is finished, make grease remover throughout the barbecue.

    How to light portable BBQs?

    The portable barbecue is going to light in different ways depending on the model you buy. In the market there are portable charcoal or wood, gas or electric barbecues depending on your choice will light one way or another.

    young man on a camping trip lighting his portable gas barbecue to prepare food for the family

    For example, charcoal barbecues and wood barbecues take longer to light since you have to make the coals. This type of portable bbq or camping bbq takes an hour.

    On the other hand, gas bbqs and electric barbecues take about 15 minutes to turn on and it turns on by hitting the power button.

    Are portable BBQs better than the outdoor barbecues?

    young couple at a picnic near the lake and the man is preparing skewers and steaks on the grill

    Portable barbecues are also outdoor barbecues, as well as indoor ones. It depends on the type of fuel.

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