How cook the perfect steak on a charcoal bbq?

cooking the perfect steak on the grill

Cooking on a barbecue is not an easy task, so if you are interested in cooking a good steak it is necessary that you stay with us. We know that getting a well-done steak is something that, as they say, is best left to professionals in the kitchen.

But this has nothing to do with reality, cooking a steak is much easier as long as you use good barbecue tools and follow our advice.

First of all is to select a good cut of meat, if the raw material is bad even if we use the best tools and the best advice, our steak will not come out tasty or tender.

It is important that the meat has an intermediate cut, neither too thin, which is done quickly, nor too thick because then it remains raw.

We recommend that the barbecue meat be 2.5 cm thick, this would be the perfect size. Also that the piece has some fat, so that it has flavor and the meat is not tough. For those, look for a piece that has fat so that your guests can enjoy a meat with a lot of flavor and quite tender.

The meats that we recommend the most to make in a good barbecue are the entrails, the ribeye, chops and the sirloin.

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    How do I make a perfect steak on the charcoal barbecue?

    • The first thing we have to do is prepare the barbecue, which in this case is charcoal. As you well know, the charcoal barbecue has to be prepared with embers.
    • To prepare the embers first and we have to place newspaper and charcoal and wait about 20 minutes for the embers to be done.
    • Once the embers are prepared, we can place the meat steaks throughout the grill.
    • You should place the steak on high heat to brown the outside while sealing in the moisture inside. The meat should be left for about 2 minutes until the meat no longer sticks to the grill, turning it once, and then moving the piece to lower heat.
    • In this way it will be toasted on the outside and inside it will be just right, tasty and with an extraordinary texture that will leave your guests crazy.
    • Once you see that the meat is ready, it is advisable to remove it and let it rest before eating for a few minutes.

    What cooking points are there?

    This world has everything, as there are also tastes for the way meat is cooked. People who like a steak done on the outside or raw on the inside and another who prefer that it be done on the inside and on the outside ... it all depends on taste!

    • Well-done :OVER 71° C
    • Medium-well: 65–69° C
    • Medium-rare :55–60° C
    • Rare: 52–55° C
    • Ultra-rare: 46–49° C

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