Top charcoal barbecue safety tips

grilling sausages and corn on the charcoal barbecue on the garden

Barbecues are related to summer, but nowadays it is practiced in all seasons as long as it is a day with a good temperature. You can enjoy a good day with your friends or family and with an excellent meal.

People who celebrate this type of event not only enjoy a good barbecue but also sweets, a variety of alcohol, so accidents can be caused and we must be careful with hot grills.

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Next we are going to talk about 14 tips to make your charcoal barbecue as safe as possible and thus avoid accidents and misfortunes.

  1. We must be careful with fuels, for example if we use propane or butane gas since they are quite dangerous if they are not used correctly. Likewise, we have to be careful with the embers that originate from coal and wood.
  2. Do not use outdoor barbecues inside a house, charcoal and gas barbecues emit fumes that are harmful to health so it can be a serious problem if they are used inside a place.
  3. We have to leave a distance for our safety with the barbecue, you must stay away from the vegetation of the open doors and windows to prevent fumes from accumulating and that we can cause a fire.
  4. Be careful with the remains of the embers, when you finish the barbecue you must make sure that the embers are well extinguished since there may be remains reviving.
  5. Have a fire extinguisher at home in case of an accident that we hope not.
  6. Never try to put out a grease-filled fire with water, have a small C0 2 fire extinguisher.
  7. You must perform an annual maintenance of your barbecue to ensure its proper functioning and the safety of all.
  8. Clean the barbecue well after each use both inside and outside with products that do not damage the barbecue.
  9. If you have a gas barbecue it is recommended that you keep the gas hoses away from anything that is hot.
  10. Be aware of the grill and food to avoid scares.
  11. Wear protective gear while barbecuing to avoid burns and clothing itself.
  12. Use a bristle brush to thoroughly clean the barbecue and then wipe with a damp cloth.
  13. Make sure that if you are using a gas barbecue the burners are well off.
  14. Be aware and always read carefully the instructions for use of each barbecue that you are going to use.

We leave you a video of tips for beginners who are going to start using a charcoal barbecue:

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