Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm | The iconic charcoal BBQ from Weber

Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm

Perfect charcoal barbecue with wheels the Weber Kettle BBQ 57cm ideal to enjoy a good meal surrounded by our loved ones. This model the Weber Kettle BBQ it is made of both the tank and the vitrified steel lid and it is perfect for its dimensions.

Do you like charcoal barbecues? Do you enjoy a good tasty barbecue? This barbecue the Weber BBQ 57cm is the best selling available on Amazon from one of the best barbecue brands on the market.

This Weber barbecue has a practical design and is made with good materials at a competitive price.

You can prepare a multitude of tasty recipes for your diners who will be delighted thanks to this barbecue the Weber Kettle BBQ.

In addition, the Weber Kettle BBQ it has a perfect measure for you to adapt it to any part of your garden and place it wherever you want, always keeping safety in mind.

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    Product characteristics

    Why you should buy a Weber BBQ 57cm charcoal barbecue Its quality and price will make you decide to buy it. The Weber 57cm BBQ it is one of the best-selling and most demanded charcoal barbecues on the Amazon platform for home for its good functionality and its perfect size.

    • Apple-shaped design, typical of this well-known brand.
    • It has a height of 96 cm and a diameter of 58cm.
    • Chrome-plated steel cooking grill with a diameter of 57cm.
    • It is made of high quality and durable materials such as aluminum. Both the tank and the lid are made of this material.
    • It has a kitchen surface of 570x570mm.
    • Comes with an aluminum ash pan.
    • There is a thermometer on the lid that can be perfectly adjusted.
    • It has a handle at the top of the reinforced nylon cap.
    • Manufactured with two aluminum ventilation valves, one in the tank and one in the lid.
    • Hardened thermoplastic wheels resistant to all types of weather.
    • It has a charcoal bowl with a grate for ashes. Has a briquette measuring bowl.
    • Mounts with great ease and is easy to use.
    Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ, 57cm, Black
    • 57cm charcoal barbecue
    • Heavy-gauge steel fuel grate

    What advantages does the Weber BBQ 57cm Compact Kettle barbecue provide us?

    Are you looking for a Weber charcoal barbecue? High quality product with almost 5 stars and more than 800 reviews on Amazon. This product the Weber BBQ 57cm is number one in sales of the Weber brand. For all this, we are going to list one by one all the advantages that this product the Weber Kettle BBQ offers us:

    The Weber Kettle BBQ it has a perfect price if we take into account the other competitors. This barbecue the Weber BBQ 57cm is high-end and long-lasting, and sometimes it's better to put your money away once you buy low-end barbecues that break down quickly.

    • It is made of aluminum, both the tank and the lid. You will have a good barbecue for many years.
    • Barbecue with lid and built-in thermometer.
    • It has a 57cm grill so you can do events with several people.
    • It has wheels for what facilitates its mobilization.
    • Practical and beautiful design typical of this brand.
    • The Weber Kettle BBQ it is very easy to assemble.
    • To clean the Weber Kettle BBQ is super easy since the pieces are removed without any problems.
    • The Weber Compact Kettle barbecue provides us with the necessary security to avoid burns.

    weber kettle
    Weber Compact Kettle Charcoal BBQ Grill 57cm
    weber 57cm bbq

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    What is the best way to use the Weber Compact Kettle barbecue?

    Once the barbecue Weber BBQ 57cm is ready and assembled you can start using it and make those dishes so rich that we all like them.
    Lighting this barbecues quite easy, you just have to put charcoal and let the coals cook so that the food is cooked at a good temperature avoiding burns.

    Here is a video for you to see better how to light this bbq.

    When the charcoal is at the right temperature you can put the food to cook.

    How do I maintain and clean the Weber Kettle BBQ barbecue?

    This barbecue the Weber designed to be strong and durable thanks to the spectacular raw material that Weber uses, which is aluminum. It is also necessary to do maintenance and clean it after each use on the Weber Kettle BBQ. Luckily, this model offers us many facilities so that it is not a nuisance to clean it every time we use it and it does not take up much time. Luckily, you can remove the pieces perfectly of the barbecue to clean them thoroughly.

    When the coals have rested and are cold, you can easily remove them, that is, if food has stuck to the grill of the Weber Kettle and on the sides it is necessary to use a special brush to clean it.

    Conclusion about the Weber Compact Kettle Barbecue

    If you are looking for a durable charcoal barbecue like the Weber 57cm BBQ, with good raw material, practical, portable and designed, you are in the right place. This barbecue the Weber Kettle BBQ is the best barbecue and one of the best sellers of this 2021 on Amazon, its use is simple and also comes with accessories that favor us when preparing our favorite dishes. The Weber brand is number one for selling barbecues worldwide and therefore many who are looking for a good quality-price barbecue choose it.

    Users who have bought this barbecue the Weber 57cm BBQ are quite satisfied with the results and the durability of it. It offers us quality-price compared to other existing brands in the market.

    What are you waiting to buy your Weber Compact Kettle barbecue and enjoy your favorite dishes surrounded by friends or family?

    Buy it now your Weber 57cm BBQ with this offer and don't miss out!

    Weber Compact Charcoal BBQ, 57cm, Black
    • 57cm charcoal barbecue
    • Heavy-gauge steel fuel grate

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