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Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ

The Smokey Joe Premium barbecue from Weber is made with high quality materials such as vitrified steel, it has a locking system and on the lid you can control the temperature of the food so that it is at its point.

Do you need a premium portable charcoal barbecue? With the arrival of good temperatures, we want to enjoy a good meal in good company. You can place this premium Weber barbecue wherever you want, and it also has enough cooking space to prepare your favorite dishes. The Weber Smokey Joe Premium portable barbecue is a very safe charcoal barbecue and is made with the best materials on the market. You will cook recipes full of flavor and with an excellent texture for any palate.

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    Product characteristics

    Why should you buy the Smokey Joe Premium portable charcoal barbecue? The quality that this brand and this model always offers will convince you in such a way that you will not be able to resist having it at home. The Weber Smokey Joe Premium is the best portable barbecue on the market thanks to its size and weight. This charcoal barbecue is one of the most sold and demanded by Amazon for its perfect size and for the spectacular flavor it leaves in food.

    • Portable Weber charcoal barbecue
    • Carrying handle with lock for the 37cm diameter Tuck-n-carry lid
    • Has a glass fiber reinforced nylon handle
    • Rust-free shock absorbers
    • Elegant and practical design
    • 34.5-diameter triple-plate cooking grill
    • The color of the lid and the tank is black made of vitrified steel
    • It has dimensions of 42 x 36 x 43 centimeters
    • This Weber barbecue weighs 4.5 grams
    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ, Grill, Smoke Grey 37cm
    • Plated steel cooking grate
    • Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate

    What are the advantages of the portable Weber Smokey Joe Premium barbecue?

    Looking for a portable Weber charcoal barbecue? The Smokey Joe Premium portable charcoal barbecue has more than 700 reviews and almost five stars in ratings for this product. It is a very resistant barbecue and offers a multitude of advantages that we will list below:

    • Compact barbecue that will allow you to take it anywhere
    • Easy to move thanks to the glass fiber reinforced nylon cover
    • It has two cooking methods: Grill with the lid open or oven with the lid closed
    • It is made with a chromed steel cooking grate that offers a uniform distribution of heat
    • Aluminum cover with ventilation valves
    • This charcoal barbecue has a lid
    • It has a grease tray that makes cleaning easier
    • Light and compact charcoal barbecue
    • It has a very good price and high quality materials
    • You can take it anywhere as it is a portable charcoal barbecue
    • The Weber Smokey Joe Premium barbecue provides us with the necessary security to avoid burns
    • Cleans fairly easily as parts are easy to remove
    • You have several colors to choose from so you can choose the one you like the most
    Weber Smokey Joe Premium
    weber smokey joe
    weber barbeque
    family on a picnic on the park with their weber charcoal bbq
    friends on the beach making lunch with their weber bbq charcoal

    Offers of other models of Weber barbecues in 2021

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    • Triple nickel-plated cooking grid.
    Weber Compact 47cm Charcoal BBQ Black
    • Plated steel cooking grate
    • Heavy-gauge steel fuel grate
    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ, Grill, Spring Green 37cm
    • Plated steel cooking grate
    • Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
    Weber Go-anywhere Portable BBQ, Black
    • Manufacturer's warranty: 10 year
    • Colour: Black
    Weber Q 1000 Gas Barbecue, Titanium
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    How to use Weber Smokey Joe?

    The Weber Smokey Joe Premium barbecue is a practical barbecue that is light and compact. It is simple to use and that is why we have left you an explanatory video of how it is used.

    How do I maintain and clean the Weber Smokey Joe to last longer?

    To maintain and clean the Weber Smoky Joe barbecue you have to do is preheat to maximum temperature so that the food residues are charred. Once this is done, it will be easier to remove the dirt from the grate using mild soap and a special barbecue brush. If you want, you can have another grill to replace the previous one. We recommend always cleaning everything by hand and avoiding the dishwasher.

    How to assemble Weber Smokey Joe?

    Assembling the Weber Smokey Joe barbecue is not very simple, but it is not very complicated either. Here is an explanatory video of the steps you must do and what tools to use:

    How many briquettes does Weber Smokey Joe needs to work?

    The briquettes that should be used for the Weber Smokey Joe barbecue to work properly, would be approximately 6 briquettes. You should place them around the charcoal and then light them.

    What is recommended cook on Weber Smokey Joe grill?

    Fortunately, with the Weber Smokey Joe barbecue you can cook a multitude of rich and tasty dishes. We have to say that the richest dishes in this type of barbecue are meats.

    Conclusion about the Weber Smokey Joe Premium Barbecue

    Are you looking for the best Weber charcoal barbecue on the market? You are in the right place! With the Weber Smokey Joe Premium barbecue you can make the richest recipes that are either at home or anywhere since you can take it on a trip anywhere. The materials with which it is made are of high quality and also has a very safe locking system to avoid scares. According to the opinions of customers who have already bought one, this barbecue is excellent and offers many advantages.

    What are you waiting for to buy your Weber Smokey Joe Premium barbecue and enjoy your favorite dishes in good weather?

    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Charcoal BBQ, Grill, Smoke Grey 37cm
    • Plated steel cooking grate
    • Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
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